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We have covers!! And blurbs!


Gideon Masters is a wild god.

Worshipped for his bold paintings as much as his divine looks, he’s the art world’s biggest celebrity. Under normal circumstances, our paths would never cross.

But when his extracurricular activities threaten a high-profile business deal, I’m forced to take him as a client. My task: keep him out of the tabloids for six months. Jobs, including mine, hang in the balance.

But Gideon doesn’t want a publicist. He wants a new muse.

As I fall deeper under his sinful spell, a lifetime of secrets and carefully crafted lies unravels. Too late, I remember the sinister truths they protect:

I am already someone’s masterpiece.

And the original artist wants me back.




She took me with her when she left. A day. A thousand days. It doesn’t matter. She blew out the flame inside me and now I’m in the dark.


Suffering is the cloak that shelters. The mask that protects fragile skin. And happiness is something for those who have suffered less.

Happiness doesn’t live here, in the house of broken dolls.

Only sin.


**This duet takes place in the world of the Vision Series but can be read as a standalone. Contains emotional triggers and violence. HEA guaranteed.

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