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Illusions Duet: coming March 2019!

Have you heard??

For the last few months, I've been working on a story. A sinful, sensual, romantic, triumphant tale of love between an artist and a broken woman. I won't lie, you guys - this duet is INTENSE. And yes, there's a cliffhanger at the end of book one, but you won't have long to wait for book two. I really tried to fit this story into one book (seriously), but these characters proved to be more demanding than any before. And trust me, their journey is WORTH two books.

So what the heck is this duet about?!

✔︎ World famous artist obsessed with sin  ✔︎ Fierce, confident woman with a dark past ✔︎ All the mind f*ckery and then some ✔︎ Emotional, sensual connection between MCs ✔︎ ::cough:: my first MFM scene ::cough:: ✔︎ Tear-your-heart-out, dark and twisted journey ✔︎ The most deserved HEA in the history of HEAs!

I'm SO EXCITED for you to meet Gideon and Deirdre!

p.s. For the first time ever, you'll be inside the mind of the hero. Book two, SIN OF LOVE, is dual POV. AHHHHHH!!!! 🎉

So, do you want to know release dates?! I thought you might.

ART OF SIN (Illusions Duet, Book One) - MARCH 7, 2019

SIN OF LOVE(Illusions Duet, Book Two) - MARCH 28, 2019

*Covers/Blurb reveal late Feb.

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