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What happens when the future brings the past...

When writer James Beckett sets his sights on Iris, she risks more than she knows. Surrendering to the way he makes her feel will rewrite her past.

The greatest love songs break your heart...

Julian Ashburn is the songwriting genius behind indie rock legends, Breaking Giants. Rose Cunningham has musical talent in her blood, but a strict no-dating policy when it comes to musicians. 


When their two worlds collide, will their hearts survive the impact?

All I want is to survive him. All he wants is everything.

Thea has spent years perfecting her social and emotional armor, but billionaire Alex Hughes is determined to shine light on what's beneath.

Spoiled Snob.

Party Girl.

Rich b*tch.

Heiress Candace Hughes keeps her head down, ignores the tabloids, and devotes her time to worthy causes. But no matter how much good she does, nothing and no one fills the void in her heart.

Except Sebastian, her forbidden desire. Her brother's best friend.

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