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"A heart-poundingly twisted tale of love and betrayal. It was gritty, raw, and intense."

Book Club Gone Wrong


Dominic Cross is everything London doesn’t want. Too bad she can’t avoid him. The prickly man with the physique of a Greek god happens to be her new boss.

If she didn’t need to keep a roof over her head, she’d never be working at his exclusive sex club in the first place. But with her former life in ruins and her heart in shreds, all she requires now is survival.

That, and a crash course in kink.

But bartending at Crossroads soon means more to London than a paycheck. She discovers what she never expected to find again — a life worth living. Friends. Laughter and excitement.

And Dominic, whose savage touch becomes the cornerstone of her redemption.

"A fascinating story of growth, reclamation and atonement." 


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