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My childhood best friend. First crush. The one who broke my heart and sent me into the arms of another.

Twelve years after abandoning me when I needed him most, Lucas Adler is back in Sun River. The boy I thought would be my forever is now a man on a mission to make things right.

He wants to meet my son. I’d rather introduce him to my fist.

Then Lucas makes an offer I can’t refuse: help him reopen the idyllic Camp Wild Lake for a new generation of kids. It’s my dream come true, and he knows it.

The more time I spend with Lucas, though, the harder it is to hold onto resentment. Our shared history binds us, and our chemistry is the kind our high school science teachers warned us about—explosive.

Can I let go of the hurt and anger of his abandonment all those years ago? We can’t rewrite the past, but perhaps we can shape the future.

Either way, it’s time for us to find out.


Copyright ©️ 2024 L.M. Halloran

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